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Cody Gilbert has a background in diesel mechanics and started Bare Knuckles Diesel with the same thing that most business owners do - hard work, blood, sweat, tears, long hours, and uncertainty. This story from the shop manager - A.J. Stenner, who you will see proudly running around the shop and showroom, sums it up perfectly:

"When I first met Cody, I was broke down on the side of the road and it was 10:00 PM at night, with no hope of getting home in sight. I got on the internet knowing what parts I needed, but no one was open to sell them to me. I was scrolling through Craigslist when I found a post for the part I needed. Being that it was 11 PM at this point, I was hesitant to call the number for the fear of what waking someone up at 11 PM on a weeknight might bring. With no other option, I called the number. A gentleman named Cody answered and agreed to meet me in a parking lot in Fort Worth, Texas. Cody, being a man of his word, came out and we got my truck put back together and I was on my way. 

At this point, there was no shop, no overhead, Cody just had a bed full of truck parts and was heading to west Texas to work on trucks on the pipeline and on location of drilling rigs. I knew he was going places. He had great customer service, was willing to go the extra mile, and was full of knowledge. 

We stayed in contact until the time he opened his first location of Bare Knuckles Diesel in Haslet, Tx. Shortly after I joined the team, and after countless hours of dedication, we opened the doors to our newest location with a 10,000 sq ft shop in Decatur, TX.


Crazy to see what a truck bed of parts in the right hands will lead to. 


- A.J. Stenner

* Pictured below - Cody and A.J.'s twin Cummins builds - can often be found proudly representing Bare Knuckles Diesel all over North Texas

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