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Our Services

Bare Knuckles Diesel is your Diesel shop. View a list of our services below to figure out how we can help you. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the services that we have available for booking. Bare Knuckles is here to serve you, and all of the Decatur, Haslet, Fort Worth, and North Texas areas. Contact us now!

Bare Knuckles Diesel is proud to have all of the most up-to-date OEM software, technology, and knowledge to diagnose, upgrade and repair everything on and about your Diesel truck.

We proudly offer the following services:


Need more power? We have you covered with the most advanced technology and parts to take your truck to the next level. Intakes, turbos, exhaust, and more are all areas that we specialize in. Contact us today to see how we can help you. 

Lift Kits and Level Kits:

Need some clearance? Want a more aggressive look? Have a vision for something crazy? Need some help getting your gooseneck hooked up by adding some air ride to the back? We have you covered. We are a proud retailer and certified installer of many popular brands including:

  • Rough Country

  • BDS

  • Full Throttle Suspension

  • Kelderman Air Ride

  • Many Many More

Wheels and Tires:

Every truck needs a set of great wheels to go on it, and the right tires belong with them. Anything for shows to off-road, is available at Bare Knuckles Diesel. We are a proud retailer of many popular brands including:

  • Fuel

  • XD Series

  • American Force

  • Nitto

  • Fury

  • Many Many More

Bumpers and Custom Fabrication:

Whether you need extra utility, strength, or an aggressive look, we have you covered. If you need a new bumper to guard your truck from the elements, job site, ranch animals, or to catch the eye of anyone who sees you - call us to get it done right. We are fully equipped to install your new bumpers and any accessories on your truck the right way. Need a custom grille or mudflaps to compliment your truck? We can take care of that too. Call us today to find out more. 

Diagnostics and Repair:

Is something wrong with your truck, but you just can figure out what it is? We have the latest computers, scanners, and other technology to help you get your truck back and better than ever. 

Fuel System Maintenance/Upgrades:

Make sure your diesel has all the necessary components it needs to run its best. Pushing some more power? We have you covered with upgrading your fuel system. Getting fuel cuts? Let us check it out and help you fix it. 

Engine/Transmission Upgrades:

Whether you need a swap, ported/polished heads, built transmission, stronger gears, want to rev higher, hold more boost, or more, we have you covered. With over 20 years of experience in the big three, we are more than capable of making your truck the monster that you want it to be.

Turbo Upgrades/Swaps:

Need more boost? Blow your turbo? We have you covered. We work with multiple name brands to provide you the most options and only the best parts for your build. Contact us today to find out how we can take your truck from mild, to wild. 

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