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10L 1000 Transmission Overview

2020-Current Heavy Duty GM Trucks 

We’re not simply rebuilding your transmission. We’re looking at what fails, how it fails, and what we can do to eliminate that failure. Our trademark is attention to detail and quality upgrades. 


“That's why we spend the extra time and put the extra parts in it that make us less money. Because the reality is that you compare my build to somebody else's, mine's going to be higher quality, but his profit margin is going to be higher than mine.”

- Cody Gilbert, Owner/Founder

The Common Repairs and Upgrades

E-Clutch Hub

The 10L1000s seem to be a solid and reliable transmission with, so far, really only one consistent issue. Occasionally the E-clutch hub will be responsible for allowing a hard component to tear up the inside of your transmission. Thankfully, we have access to upgraded E-Clutch hubs to eliminate this problem. 

General Overheating

Unfortunately this one is still in the R&D phase. However, it is pretty well known that a couple issues are being caused by too much heat. We are testing a couple fixes for this that will promote heat dissipation and/or decrease heat build up. Stay tuned to learn more.

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