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Diesel Performance

How can Bare Knuckles Diesel take your truck to the next level? Our certified technicians have years of experience with turbo swaps/upgrades, tuning, transmission upgrades, fuel system upgrades, intakes, exhaust, and so much more. Ask us how we can help make your truck faster, more reliable, shift faster, and more. It's not a question of if it can be done, it's a matter of when you can drop your truck off at our shop. We proudly serve Denton, Krum, Decatur, Bridgeport, and all of North Texas.

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Bare Knuckles Diesel, in Decatur, TX, has partnered with many of the top Diesel Performance Brands to bring you only the best parts. Fast delivery, quick and proper installation and onsite tuning gives you the power and confidence you are looking for in a shop.


The Bare Knuckles Diesel Advantage is having a local North Texas shop, with years of experience, full of diesel and performance enthusiasts looking to help you get your truck the way you want it. Our technicians are experts at everything diesel, and we know we can make your dreams happen. 

We run the parts we sell. We would not sell you anything that we have not tested or are not confident in. Stainless Diesel, RevMax Transmissions, Garrett Turbos, SCT Tuners, Steed Speed, and more are proudly sold, installed, and ran on our own trucks. 

Call us today - or submit a form - to get started on taking your truck from mild to wild. All the diesel performance you could ever want, at a shop near you. 

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