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10R 140 Transmission Overview

2020-Current Super Duty F-Series

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We’re not simply rebuilding your transmission. We’re looking at what fails, how it fails, and what we can do to eliminate that failure. Our trademark is attention to detail and quality upgrades. 


“That's why we spend the extra time and put the extra parts in it that make us less money. Because the reality is that you compare my build to somebody else's, mine's going to be higher quality, but his profit margin is going to be higher than mine.”

- Cody Gilbert, Owner/Founder

The Common Repairs and Upgrades

Upgrade R&D 

Given the 10R140s are such new transmission, we are continuing to familiarize ourselves with the known issues and develop processes to effectively eliminate these issues. We’re not going to tell you this is our bread and butter yet, but just like the 48RE 68RFE, it will be. Rest assured that we will still provide you quality service for your 10R140. But unless we have extensively tested them, we wont be offering you as many upgrades compared to the older transmissions just yet. 

Valve Body 

The valve body is a know issue on the 10R140s. We have a solution for these that comes with a small upgrade to improve longevity. 

Plastic Pan

This one requires little explanation. We replace the plastic pan with a metal pan improving durability and heat dissipation. 

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